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Wildlife Places
Harrison Sayer Reserve Shadwell Wood SSSI Little Hales Wood Little Chesterford roadside verge Noakes Grove Audley End House grounds Rowney Wood West Wood SSSI Linnets Wood Aubrey Buxton nature reserve Bendysh Woods Turners Spring Rushy Mead Sawbridgeworth Marsh Woodside Green Wall Wood Hatfield Forest Sweetings Meadow Flitch Way - Dunmow cutting Garnetts Wood Birchanger Wood Farnham Common

Harrison Sayer Reserve

Shadwell Wood SSSI

Shadwell Wood, Essex Wildlife Trust nature reserve - see our page


Little Hales Wood

Little Hales Wood - Forestry Commission - ancient wood replanted with conifers and now partially cleared for natural regeneration. See Wild Essex web page here -


Little Chesterford roadside verge

Little Chesterford roadside verge - wildflower grassland with a good range of summertime chalk loving species - created on the site of an old road bypassed when a new roundabout was built. Turn into the village and immediately left into the service road, and the grassland is beyond the wooden fence.

Link to Info Sheet - https://www.uttlesford-wildlife.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Little-Chesterford-roadside-verge.pdf

Noakes Grove

Noakes Grove Nature Reserve - a privately run nature reserve open to the public - see our web page -


or the web page of the organisation which runs it -


Audley End House grounds

Audley End House - English Heritage - Entrance fee payable - the grounds of the house are run on nature friendly lines, wildflowers in the grassland, wildfowl on the lake.


Rowney Wood

Rowney Wood: Debden - Forestry Commission - TL57603428 - Access Free on foot at all times, parking in the road chippings bay opposite Carver Barracks, Elder Street. - Ancient woodland replanted to conifers and now returned to native woodland by natural regeneration, but greatly hampered by deer.

West Wood SSSI

West Wood nature reserve - Essex Wildlife Trust

Managed coppice woodland - see our page here -


Linnets Wood

Linnets Wood, Ugley - Woodland Trust

A newly created woodland in the 1990s - More information on the Wild Essex website here -


The Woodland Trust has its management plan on this link -


Aubrey Buxton nature reserve

Aubrey Buxton nature reserve - Essex Wildlife Trust - woodland, grassland and lakes -

More information on our page here -


Bendysh Woods

Bendysh Woods - Forestry Commission - ancient broadleaf woodland planted to conifers and now being converted back to broadleaved trees.

More information on the Wild Essex website here -


Turners Spring

Turners Spring - Essex Wildlife Trust - woodland and grasslands - accessible by public footpath from Burton End.

More information on our page here -


Rushy Mead

Rushy Mead nature reserve - Essex Wildlife Trust - woodland and marsh - access from the River Stort towpath. Large areas are too wet for access on foot, but they are good for wildlife. More information on our page here -


Sawbridgeworth Marsh

Sawbridgeworth Marsh - Essex Wildlife Trust - Access through the marsh on a raised walkway - specialist wetland plants, birds and insects.

More information on our page here -


Woodside Green

Woodside Green - National Trust - part of the Hatfield Forest complex - common grazing grassland.

More information on the Wild Essex website -


Wall Wood

Wall Wood - National Trust - part of the Hatfield Forest complex - Ancient woodland adjacent to Hatfield Forest – with the southernmost Oxlips in England and Oxlip-Primrose hybrids.

More information on the Wild Essex website -


Hatfield Forest

Hatfield Forest - National Trust - Ancient wood pasture, a National Nature Reserve and SSSI: An incredible survival of a medieval Forest: the most important in England, though now suffering from the grazing pressure of too many deer. Car parking charges. Pre-booking at peak times. More information here -


Sweetings Meadow

Sweetings Meadow - Essex Wildlife Trust - an old orchard with old varieties of fruit trees, the main wildlife interest is the wildflowers.

More information on our page here -


Flitch Way - Dunmow cutting

Part of  The Flitch Way which runs  from Hatfield Forest through Takely, Great Dunmow, Felstead to Braintree – Essex County Council - Access Free on foot at all times and a National Cycle Network route – The old railway line from Braintree to Bishop’s Stortford: now a linear country park with a mix of habitats. Best wildflowers in the cutting just west of Great Dunmow, where cycling is not permitted, can be partly flooded.

Leaflet from Essex Highways;


Garnetts Wood

Garnetts Wood - Essex County Council - Ancient coppice woodland, Small-leaved Lime, ponds and streams.

More information on the Wild Essex website -


Birchanger Wood

Birchanger Wood - Ancient Bluebell and Anemone wood


Farnham Common

Farnham Common - not a piece of Common Land but privately owned, but public access on foot is permitted to see the wide range of wildflower species which grow here on land that has not been ploughed or treated with fertilisers - now very rare. Remote and quite hard to find.