Essex Wildlife Trust

The Uttlesford Local Group of Essex Wildlife Trust runs a mobile Work Party that moves around the reserves as needed, carrying out the seasonal work that is needed to keep the reserves in good condition for wildlife.

Local Group Work Party

An active local workparty. copyright : Robert Bartlett

An active local workparty. © Robert Bartlett

The Uttlesford Local Group of Essex Wildlife Trust usually runs a programme of events on the local reserves to carry out the management needed to keep them in good condition, and we normally welcome new members.

Unfortunately the current COVID crisis has led Essex Wildlife Trust to restrict the number of people who can be at a work party at any one time, and for the moment we are unable to take new volunteers.

Friday July 30th 2021 We are watching the Covid-19 restrictions carefully and a provisional programme of work parties for the Autumn is being devised. We hope that we will soon be able to publish the details here and open up to volunteering again.