Turners Spring

Turners Spring Map Ref TL529243

Public transport – none.

Dogs allowed if under effective control. Please clean up after your dog.

Directions: North-east of Stansted in Burton End, about 600m east of the M11 motorway bridge. Access is from the public footpath from the roadside at Burton End

Access: Open at all times. Paths unsurfaced.

Cars may be parked carefully at the roadside.

Description:  Turners Spring comprises a mixed deciduous wood, including a strip running beside The Bourne Brook, and a meadow with a central wet area of sedge beds.


Turners SpringWhat to look for: The wood contains Oak, Beech, Ash and Sycamore, with areas of Hazel and Hornbeam coppice. Mature Cherry trees are also present. Spring brings a display of Bluebells, Oxlips, Violets, Dog’s Mercury and Herb Paris, with naturalised Daffodils either side of the main ride.

The meadow has a wide range of flowering plants including Cowslip, Bugle, Salad Burnet, Agrimony, Marsh Marigold, Yellow Flag Iris and Meadowsweet, and is mown annually to maintain this range of plants. Summer brings butterflies to the meadow which include Ringlet.

Over 60 species of bird have been recorded on the reserve, including Buzzard, Red Kite and Woodcock.


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The wood appeared on an 1880 map but is probably older than that.